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Big, Bold And Crazy Colorful: 1980s Style Makes A Comeback -- Who's In?

Big Hair, Don't Care

March 13, 2019

Spring is on its way, which means it's time to shuck off those wooly winter grays and blacks and head to the lighter, brighter side of the closet.

Better yet, skip the closet and hop into your time machine.

After flirting around the edges of 1980s fashion for the last few years -- with its Chucks, florals,  and neon -- In Style magazine made a bold prediction: 1980s prom fashion will be all the rage this spring.

The magazine says, "Crazy, flashy, over-the-top ‘80s style has had a bad rap for years (ahem, "Josie Grossie" on prom night), but this season is its chance for redemption.

See the looks above -- and let us know: Are you ready to go full 1980s fashion?