Did Madonna Get Butt Implants?

What's in her pants?

January 2, 2019

(The Breeze) Let's play a game ... and we'll call it, 'What's in her pants?'

Is it a bed pillow, a couch cushion, a huge wad of chewing gum, perhaps the world's largest  -- padded -- phone?

No one knows for sure what's going on in Madonna's drawers these days. Observers, though, couldn't help but notice her rather rotund posterior during a New Year's Day appearance.

Kim Kardashian eat your heart out, there's a new butt in town. 

"Madonna Kardashian?" one Twitter user asked. Another noted, "There's something wrong with that ass."

We'll just say "wrong" is in the eye of the beholder. Whether it's a permanent addition to her repertoire or a sturdy stand-in, we applaud Madonna's latest attempt to reinvent herself -- this time, starting from the bottom up.