Meghan Trainor Opens Up on 'Scary' Panic Disorder

February 6, 2020

Meghan Trainor is opening up about her struggles with mental illness. In an interview with People, she revealed the details behind her debilitating panic attacks.

Trainor was diagnosed with a panic disorder in 2017 after undergoing two different vocal cord surgeries – one in 2015 and another in 2017 in order to repair vocal cord hemorrhages.

Worried she may never sing again, the star’s stress spiraled into a panic disorder – a condition which lends sufferers to experiencing recurrent and unexpected panic attacks. “I was working really hard, and I kept having to cancel tours. I was like, ‘This is all I have, this is my life – if I can’t sing, I can’t work,’” she recalls.

“It turned into a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of scary panic. I went to the emergency room a couple of times because I thought my throat was closing from an allergic reaction,” she reveals. It wasn’t until after these visits that doctors told her what was really going on – she was experiencing panic attacks.

“My doctors diagnosed me with a panic disorder. They were like, ‘Your chemicals are way imbalanced – we have to get you back to normal,’” she adds. “I met a psychologist who gave me medicine; I had therapists; I worked out; I got acupuncture,” she continued.

All of the hard work paid off for the Treat Myself singer. “Now it’s been a couple years, and I haven’t had a panic attack in so long I feel like I conquered it,” she explains. Now, Trainor wants to use her platform to advocate for mental health.

“There’s still that stigma,” she says. “The best thing my doctor ever told me was, ‘You use an inhaler for your lungs, right? Why can’t you use medicine to fix your brain?’”

Trainor feels like she’s unstoppable now. “If I can get through this, I can handle anything,” she says.

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