Bubbies Know Best: This Detroit Gal Needs To Know How To Go About Meeting A Guy That Will Regain That Adventurous Spirit

The Bubbies are always here for you!

August 15, 2019

Dear Bubbies,

Having been single for about seven years since my divorce after a long-term marriage, I am perplexed as to how to go about meeting a guy that will capture my heart and share this amazing journey we call life together. I honestly thought I’d be happily coupled by now, but dating sites don’t seem to be the answer for me.

I’m 67, kind, generous, quirky, a little edgy and funny.  While I may be young at heart, I’m no spring chicken at 67.  I value family and friends. I am a nice Midwestern gal that likes the hustle and bustle of the east coast with a tinge of that west coast laid back attitude thrown in for good measure.  I’m most attracted to men who are intelligent and kind hearted who are generous with their time and energy. 

So, I guess this Detroit Gal really would love to find someone who would help her regain that adventurous spirit.  With absolute conviction that there is someone out there for me, my heart is open and ready for the next adventure.

Can you help me, Bubbies?

Love, Detroit Gal


Dear Detroit Gal,

Thank you for writing to the Bubbies.  We absolutely love everything about the Motor City.  Who doesn’t want to put the top down on a 1965 Ford Mustang or 1968 Chevy Camaro?  Who doesn’t love Motown? We are ready to break into the Swim.  Or how about the Watusi?

Now, we don’t want to hear any of that chazerai (that means junk in Yiddish) that you are no spring chicken.  You are a heavenly hen and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  You will find a ravishing rooster. 

Sure, we know that it can be harder to find the “one” as we age.  But you know what?  It’s our fault.  We are so darn picky … too picky!

He’s too short, he’s too tall, he’s too fat, he’s too thin.  He doesn’t have a job. Well … not that one. We don’t want a man who doesn’t have a job, right?

Here’s the bottom line - the most important thing we can tell you is to be open. Have an open mind.  Sometimes, as we get older, we can close ourselves off.  We cannot do that.  No good, honey.

So our plan for you is to go out to meet anyone, anytime, anywhere. No matter where it is.  No matter who suggests it.  Go. Go. Go. 

Go to the gym. We need to be working out more than our texting finger.  And we know that our swiping finger is not getting us anyone (other than carpal tunnel syndrome).  Get active, go to the gym and meet a man.

Go to the dog park. That’s a fun place to meet men.  You don’t have a dog? Borrow one.

Go do some volunteer work? We bet you can meet a real mensch (that’s means a man of integrity in Yiddish) by doing good deeds with an organization helping those in need. 

And listen doll, here’s a great idea for a date. If you are 67, that means you were born in 1952.  And that means you were a child of the 1960s.  And that means you must have some “flower child” in you.  And that means you can appreciate the insights of a psychic. 

So here’s the emmis (that means truth in Yiddish).  When you go out on a date to a psychic, you can find out how flexible he is.  Sure, psychics aren’t for everyone.  But hey, for one hour, does he sit back and enjoy it or does he get agitated and act closed-minded?  He’s got to have a little “Age of Aquarius” in him.

Whatever you do, don’t give up! He’s out there somewhere! We know it!

We love you, Detroit Gal.

The Bubbies

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