10,000 Volunteers Join Life Remodeled To Make A Difference This Week In Detroit

This week's volunteer event is part of Life Remodeled's annual Six Day Project

August 7, 2019

Kristi Thomas


You know, Chadd & I love it when we hear stories about neighbors helping neighbors, maybe mowing the lawn when they need it, starting up a go fund me for somebody, etc. But, this week in Detroit, there are a bunch of neighbors rolling up their sleeves and helping neighbors. How many volunteers? Ten thousand! It's all part of the Life Remodeled Six Day Project, which is an annual event where they’re cleaning up a 4-mile area around the former Durfee Elementary Middle School and Central High School.

Kristi Thomas

What we thought was really cool when we went down there yesterday is just how many companies, churches, and community groups are getting together to volunteer this week. In all, there are 150 different groups participating this week, all helping do their part by providing volunteers to do a variety of things to help complete the project to refurbish the beautiful Durfree Innovation Society building and surrounding area, where they provide things like free summer basketball camps, reasonably-priced rental space for local businesses to open and provide services to the community, mentorship programs, tutoring and so much more. 

It truly is an amazing example of neighbors helping neighbors, so, to all of the volunteers and the whole team at the non-profit Life Remodeled led by founder and CEO Chris Lambert, we say thank you and keep up the great work!

There is still time to volunteer today and tomorrow. Here's more about Life Remodeled and how you can get involved: 

Click HERE to see what project week is like. Here is a great video that shows what project week is like: 

Throughout the year, Life Remodeled is always looking for volunteers with a variety of skill sets to help them out. Find out how you can volunteer with Life Remodeled by clicking HERE.  

And this Saturday (August 10, 2019), Life Remodeled is going to celebrate their latest project and have the largest bounce house in the world on site for your kids to come out and experience. Find out about it and reserve your spot by clicking HERE. 

~Chadd & Kristi Morning Show

Day 1 in the books, and we’re ready for Day 2! ✌----

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