Amazing Way Mister Rogers Was Honored On Kindness Day

Joanne Rogers was on hand for the special honor for her late husband

November 15, 2019

Getty Images Entertainment / Jason Merritt


So, Wednesday was World Kindness Day...and a man who definitely represented "kindness" was Mister Rogers.  This week, he was honored in the most amazing way.  Not only was Wednesday World Kindness Day, but it was also National Cardigan Day. So, the opportunity was absolutely perfect for one hospital in Pittsburgh to honor Mister Rogers. They made little red cardigan sweaters, ties, brown courduroy pants and even the blue slippers to dress their newborns on that day. 


And, it gets even better--guess who was on hand when they unveiled these baby Mr. Rogers? Mrs. Rogers, herself.  To say she was honored and overjoyed is an understatement.