Dog In Hawaii Shelter Finds Home After 7 Years...In Michigan

Brad, the Australian Cattle Dog mix from Hawaii, has found his fur-ever home with a Michigan family

May 16, 2019

Getty Images / Justin Sullivan


Animal lovers, you're going to love today's good news story! There was reason to celebrate this week for a dog who has been in a shelter for SEVEN years. Brad, an Australian Cattle Dog mix, had been at the SPCA in Hawaii for 7 years, but now has a MICHIGAN! 

There are definitely a lot of miles and dots to connect with how this all happened for Brad. A Michigan couple who was visiting Oahu, stopped by to tour the SPCA and fell in love with Brad. (Who wouldn't with that adorable face!!) The SPCA told them that he needed a lot of room to roam and the couple revealed they have a huge yard and also a cabin in northern Michigan where he could spend his weekends hiking and chasing squirrels.

But, then there was the getting Brad to his new fur-ever home part. It was going to cost upwards of $1600 and the SPCA wanted to help the couple out, so they started a Go Fund Me page and quickly raised the money to get Brad on his way to Michigan. 

We love what the SPCA had to say about Brad on their Facebook page: "While it makes his Oahu Ohana sad to see him leave us, it also makes us SO happy!" 

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