Girl Scout Saves A Life With A Skill She Learned

A Girl Scout uses a skill she learned at a troop meeting to save a life

March 12, 2020
Girl Scouts

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First, we want to say a Happy National Girl Scouts Day today to all the Girl Scouts out there and their parents who support them. I was a Girl Scout and you get to learn so many important life lessons while earning those badges.

Well, there’s one Girl Scout from Idaho, who didn’t realize just how quickly she’d have to use one skill she learned. Her name is Lauren Terry and she’s 13-years old. According to the East Idaho News, during a troop meeting, she and the other girls learned how to do the Heimlich maneuver. Well, the next day, she was at home with her 4-year old niece when she found the child choking in the kitchen. Lauren quickly went into action and started the Heimlich, saving her niece’s life in less than 30-seconds. And now she has been awarded the Girl Scout Medal of Honor, which is one of the highest recognitions given out.

Way to go, Lauren! And that’s your good news story of the morning.