Good News: How An 8th Grader Is Making A Difference For His Classmates

One teenager stepped in to help some fellow students who were having a tough time

May 15, 2019

Getty Images / William Thomas Cain


For most kids here in Metro Detroit...only a few weeks of school left! And this is such a great story.  One Texas 8th grader wanted to make a big impact to wrap up the school year. 

So what did he do?  After hearing that some of his classmates had been victims of "lunch shaming" for not being able to afford a school lunch, he started his "Lunch Counts" project to pay off school lunch debt for his fellow classmates. His name is Ben Hofer, he's 14.  How has he done so far?  He's raised $8,000! Which was more than was needed for his school.  So now, he's upped his goal to $18,000 to pay off the debt for his entire school district!

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