IKEA Is Finally Hosting An In-Store Sleepover

Have you ever dreamed of staying overnight at IKEA?

February 11, 2020

Getty Images News / Andreas Rentz


If the cozy layouts inside the IKEA showroom have you day-dreaming about curling up under covers in one of those build-it-yourself beds, you'll soon have the chance.

The Swedish furniture store with a restaurant (or Swedish restaurant with a furniture store) is hosting a "Swede Dreams Sleepover" event on March 13th in celebration of World Sleep Day. Unfortunately, it won't be happening in Metro Detroit. It'll be held at their Brooklyn and Costa Mesa locations, where guests who are members of the IKEA family program can participate in the festivities, which include an Insomniac Lounge featuring ASMR and a Silent Disco. A raffle to win your way in begins today (Tuesday), with the winners to be contacted in two weeks.