Kristi's Tell Me Something Good: How One Community Came Together To Help An Elderly Couple

One man led the charge to help an elderly couple who lost their home in a fire

March 14, 2019

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Today's "Kristi's Tell Me Something Good" is going to make you want to call your parents or grandparents. According to WLOS, after a recent fire destroyed the home of Calvin and Shirley Philbeck, a retired couple in North Carolina, one man knew he had to do something. So, he donated a new house to them! His name is Cas Smith. He said that when he saw the story on the news, the little old couple reminded him of the "loving grandparents" who raised him. So, not only did he provide the house, but paid the taxes and insurance, as well. But, here's the icing on the cake...he also was able to get a group of volunteers together to get the house move-in ready! It's like Mom used to say, "It takes a village." 

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