Kristi's Tell Me Something Good: How One School District Is Fighting Hunger

School administrators came up with a creative way to help students in need

April 15, 2019

Getty Images / Spencer Platt


Ah...cafeteria workers.  We all have fond memories of them from our days in school...wearing their amazing hair nets while dishing up the school pizza--all the while dealing with hundreds of kids every day.  They truly are saints. 

But it's what one school district's cafeteria workers are doing that is my good news story of the day.  It's out of Elkhart, Indiana.  According to the Good News Network, after realizing just how much good food was going in the garbage each day...and how many kids could really use the extra food...they decided to come up with simple, yet effective solution to eliminate the waste and help out the children. The schools teamed up with with food rescue group Cultivate to re-purpose the leftovers and package them up as free take home meals.  One principal added "It’s making a big impact. And I am very proud of that.”  And so are we!