Luke Perry, Cameron Boyce Left Out Of Oscars In Memorium

Fans were upset at the omissions during this year's Academy Awards

February 10, 2020
Luke Perry

Getty Images Entertainment / Mark Davis


Oscar fans were unhappy that Luke Perry wasn’t included in the Memorium during the Sunday night ceremony. As Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas sang The Beatles hit, “Yesterday” names scrolled behind her on the screen. Luke Perry was left out, despite being part of one of the most nominated films of the evening, "Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood." 

Also left out of the Memorium was Disney star Cameron Boyce, who passed away last year in July after suffering an epileptic seizure.

It wasn't long before Twitter erupted. Luke Perry became a trending topic, "Luke Perry wasn't in the In Memorial?? He was literally in one of the most nominated films of the night!! Disrespectful!!" one fan tweeted. 

Both Perry and Boyce were included in the online Memorium.