Some Junior Detectives Step Up To Save The Day For One Lady

A group of kids proves that no matter how old you are, you can make a difference

October 8, 2019

iStock / Getty Images Plus / LightFieldStudios


Let's start the day with some positivity! In today's Kristi's Tell Me Something Good, we are celebrating a group of kids being called "The Junior Detectives" and what they did to save the day!

According to USA Today, recently a silver alert was issued in California with police looking for help to find 97-year old ​Glenneta Belford, who has "dementia and has been known to hide or hunker down in a location."  That's when a group of kids - all under the age of 11 - jumped in to help out.  After hearing police in a helicopter put out the call, the group, being called the "junior detectives", hopped on their bikes and started searching around nearby schools. 

During the search, one of the boys, Logan, took a spill on his bike.  Did that stop them?  NO! When they got hungry and needed a snack. Did that stop them? NO! They just did a quick pit stop at home to fuel up--and to let their folks know what they were doing.  

Then, back on their bikes they went, this time to search nearby parks.  Shortly thereafter, the kids say they spotted a woman walking around, consulted a photo they had on their phones to make sure it was her, then notified the police--and as Logan said, "Well, they just took care of everything else." 

The kids' parents say, of course, that they're very proud and that the kids were determined they were going to be the ones to find her.  And local police posted up a thank you to the kids and said, "This proves that age is just a number and anyone can help out in a time of need.​"

Kudos to the kids! If you have a cool story to share of someone who has made a difference, we want you to tell us about it. Email us at and and we could feature you on our Kristi's Tell Me Something Good segment, weekday mornings on the Chadd & Kristi Morning Show at 6:40am.