Dear Bubbies: Can You Give Me Some Advice For Finding My Next Partner?

July 18, 2019

Dear Bubbies,

I need some summer loving! I am a sexy single 41 year-old man, which is 31 in gay years.  My Bubbie and best friend is no longer here to judge my choices in men.  She was so good at it.  Now that she is gone, and I’m out of an 11-year relationship, I’m lost without her guilt and guidance. I’m a sexy Italian, Irish, Polish Ashkenazi-Jewish boy. The last real date I had was 12 years ago. I’m lonely and hate the bar scene.  Please BUBBIES!! Help me! You’re my only HOPE!

Love, Sexy Joe.

Dear Sexy Joe,

Can we adopt you and be your Bubbie? Only kidding. Not!

Your Bubbie sounds just like Bubbie S.J.’s.  She always had the best advice.  I mean, come on.  After all, she was a matchmaker.  She always said she could match anyone.  She’d say that she could even match someone with a club foot because he would make up for it in bed.  Or “there’s a cover for every garbage can,” right?

All joking aside, Sexy Joe, the Bubbies know that it can be much more difficult to find someone in this fast-paced world, but it is possible. And the Bubbies are here to help.

First of all, since you have recently gotten out of a long-term relationship, give yourself a break.  Don’t put the cart before the horse and jump into a relationship too quickly! Trust me, at our age, we Bubbies believe in taking all things a bit more slowly. 

Otherwise, it’s time to make a list of what you are looking for. And keep adding to that list. Do you want a man who is Fair or Dark? Tall or Short?  Funny or Reserved?  Jock or Bear?  Pup or Cub?  Madonna or Gaga?

But remember, don’t judge a book by its cover.  Bubbie S.J. once dated a man who looked like a young Kirk Douglas – gorgeous on the outside, but ugly on the inside.  What looks good on the outside might be rotten on the inside. 

So the Bubbies’ advice to you - for now, date a lot, Dahlink. You are not ready to settle down yet.  Have fun.  And make sure he likes Chicken Soup.  Bubbie S.J.’s Bubbie made the best Chicken Soup -- when there wasn’t a band-aid in it.  Yes, she found a band-aid in a bowl of her soup once. S.J.’s Bubbie always left things in her food – band-aids, coins, sewing needles.  Oy vey.  S.J. always needed a metal detector before she ate her grandmother’s soup. 

Okay, back to you, Sexy Joe.  Remember, look before you eat, we mean, leap.  The Bubbies are behind you 100%. And please let us know what happens on your dating journey. We Bubbies always want to know what happens. Couldn’t hurt, Mamala?

The Bubbies love Sexy Joe. 

Love, The Bubbies

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