Dear Bubbies: Can You Help Me Stick Out From The Crowd?

Bubbies give the best advice.

July 24, 2019

Dear Bubbies,

I'm a male in my 30s who just moved to a new city. I don't have any friends or Bubbies to help me meet anyone.  So I decided to join some dating sites and phone apps and I find it all very overwhelming. While I know how important it is to have more than a couple great photos to use, I have no idea how to stick out from the crowd by describing myself in just a few lines. Can you please help?

From, New Boy in the City


Dear New Boy in the City,

Oy, New Boy! The only "apps" we Bubbies have experienced are appetizers, and just thinking about those kosher cocktail weenies and spicy brown mustard makes us really hungry!

Anyway, our younger counterpart and hostess with the mostest Erin can definitely help you out with this one. In fact, one of her longest relationships came from Tinder.  Can you believe?  As Bubbie S.J. said to Harvey Levin onTMZ Live, we don’t understand all this swiping left and right.  And we definitely don’t understand why Tinder isn’t spelled with two "e"s.  Tindeer sounds so much sweeter. 

Okay, here’s what Erin has to say about how best to use dating apps …

When it comes to social media and dating app profiles, how we express ourselves is crucial, and we’re given such limited space to do so. The key is to hone in on what makes you special, different, and — most importantly — interesting. The biggest issue I see on dating profiles is a lack of specifics.

Instead of “I like travel”, what about “I skied in Whistler, Canada this past winter”? Substitute “Sports Lover” with “Tigers Season Ticket Holder” or “Foodie” with “Cannoli Connoisseur”. It also helps starting a conversation that much easier for the lovely lady who is dying to go out with a handsome mensch like you!

When I first met the Bubbies, I thought they were friendly, funny, and wise Jewish grandmothers. I had no idea sassy Bubbie S.J. had two spunky cats and an incredible decorative denim collection. I did not know Bubbie Bunny was a big-time bargain hunter. When I found out Bubbie Linda's beautiful daughter was a talented opera singer, my jaw dropped!  Those types of details are conversation starters, which are musts to include in your on-line profile. 

We understand that knowing and articulating what makes us interesting isn’t as simple as it sounds.  So, ask your parents, siblings, or BFF: “What is it about me that you find most interesting or weird or random?” They may come up with something that you wouldn’t.

For example, I just asked my good friend the same question, and she said, “I think it’s crazy you bring your own hot sauce when we go out to eat. How do you eat EVERYTHING habanero-hot?!”

So make it your mission to incorporate at least three very specific items into your online profiles.  Wouldn’t it be more fun and enlightening to connect over, say, your mutual love of binging the newest Netflix series or your favorite new dating show, Bubbies Know Best, on JLTV – rather than just “I like watching the newest television shows.”

Meeting new people in a new city is a great adventure. You know what they say: the world - or your new city in this case - is your oyster! While I know that's not quite a kosher metaphor for a nice Jewish girl like me to dish out, it's the truth (and the treif, which means non-kosher in Yiddish). 

You've got this, New Boy! The Bubbies and I are rooting for you! 

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