Dear Bubbies: I'm Seeking A Sincere, Adventurous Man That I Can Trust

The Bubbies are here to help.

August 8, 2019

Dear Bubbies:

I am a Sexy Single Sober Mom, 42, seeking a sincere and adventurous man that I can trust.

As a single mom of a 9-year old boy, my focus has been on parenting.  So, I have had no time to date and when I have dated, my son gets freaked out when he sees me going out on dates (even though his father has a girlfriend). 

I am a sober woman (three years so far), who puts my son and my sobriety first.

But now, I am ready to put myself out there. 

The man I get involved with must respect my sobriety and must like to spend time with my great kiddo.  He must enjoy life and no cynics.

Laughing is my favorite pastime and kindness is golden!

Sincerely, Sexy Single Sober Mom


Dear Sexy Single Sober Mom:

The Bubbies honor that your sobriety comes first and we applaud you for that.

Now Bubbie S.J. has been a single mom herself so she understands where your priorities are. In fact, her son used to kick and even bite every man she dated. Oy vey.

And her son would even hold onto her leg when Bubbie S.J. was trying to leave the house to go out on dates. If only there were cell phones back then to take pictures of that mishigas (that means craziness in Yiddish).

And to make matters even more meshuggeneh (that’s another word for crazy in Yiddish), S.J.’s dad lived with them and he never, ever liked any man she dated. In fact, he would always make nasty comments.

If the guy was a lot older than S.J., her dad would say “you’re dating a man who has one foot in the grave.”

If the guy was younger than S.J., he would say “you’re dating a Mama’s Boy.”

Ah yai, yai!

Okay, enough about S.J. – although aren’t S.J.’s stories good?

Now to the point.  We know you’ve been holding your breath for some Bubbie advice.

With regard to your sobriety, Bubbie S.J. is sober and she strongly believes that no one should start dating until they have at least one year of sobriety under their belt.  No sense in trading one addiction for another!

You have three years, so you are good to go. Now you could always date men that you meet at meetings.  S.J. used to love dating men in the rooms.  But just make sure that you support each other’s sobriety, rather than increase the chances that one of you leave the program.

Of course, you need a really good man.  Sometimes sober women have a tendency to date bad boys. Geez, S.J., used to love her bad boys. If the guy was wearing a leather jacket and drove a hot car, S.J. was there, but in the long run, bad boys aren't keepers. No way.

So make a list of what you are looking for and keep adding to it. You would be surprised how that list gets into the ether and all of a sudden - boom. Your dream man appears.

Now with regard to your son, when S.J. saw how upset her son would get when she dated, she would only date when her son was staying with his father. S.J. only introduced a guy to her son once they made a commitment to each other.  Since your son’s dad has a girlfriend, we have to think that if presented properly, your son will ultimately be alright with his mom having a boyfriend.

So listen to the Bubbies. Stay Sober.  Be There for Your Son.  No Bad Boys.  Make A List. The Right Man Will Appear. 

We love you Sexy, Single, Sober Mom.  And always remember -- Bubbies Know Best. 

Love, The Bubbies

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