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LIST: 50 Ideas For Things To Do While You’re Stuck Inside Avoiding The Cold

Trying to make sure you're not bored while you stay inside!

January 30, 2019

If the frigid temps are making you go stir crazy at home, we have 50 ideas for things to do to make your temporary hibernation a little more fun. There are great ideas for being stuck inside with your kids or being home alone!

1. Bake cookies
2. Play a board game
3. Build a blanket fort
4. Go through your boxes of photos
5. Clean out your fridge
6. Re-arrange your cupboards
7. Switch up your home decorations
8. Have a movie marathon
9. Make dinner together as a family
10. Have an indoor Olympics
11. Watch home movies
12. Read a good book
13. Do a craft
14. Make something in the crock pot
15. Do a work out video
16. Color – adult coloring books are all the rage now!
17. Play cards
18. Play hide and seek
19. Play flashlight tag
20. Have a scavenger hunt
21. Break out the knitting/sewing/crocheting you’ve been putting off
22. Write a letter to a friend (or a Facebook message)
23. Take a bubble bath
24. Update your address book
25. Make a “campsite” inside
26. Have an indoor picnic
27. Give yourself a facial
28. Drink some tea
29. Do yoga
30. Put on a good album and dance around the house

31. Catch up on the news
32. Deep clean your house
33. Give yourself a skin scrub
34. Research new recipes
35. Binge-watch a new (to you!) TV series on Netflix
36. Read the paper
37. Play a video or computer game
38. Make ice cream sundaes
39. Do indoor hopscotch
40. Go through your closet and put aside clothes for donation
41. Shoot a video on your phone
42. Give your pet some extra attention
43. Do a crossword puzzle or sudoku
44. Call someone and catch up over the phone
45. Warm up with a bowl of soup

46. Put together a puzzle
47. Test your knowledge with brain teasers at a site like
48. Clean out your phone and update your software – get rid of unwanted photos, apps and contacts
49. Online shop
50. Listen to 98.7 The Breeze – you might even win something!