Michigan Cops Would Like To Remind People 'There Still ARE Laws With The Claw'

August 22, 2019



Just because hard seltzer enthusiasts claim "there ain't no laws with the Claw," doesn't actually mean that's true. A fact that cops in Michigan and across the US would like to point out.

"FYI: There ARE still laws when you're drinking Claws. Especially when you get white girl wasted while drinking that fruity water and do something stupid," writes the Bath Township Police Department on their Facebook page.

Showing a preference for their own adult beverage of choice, they added the hashtags, #WhenYouDrinkWhiteClawsWeStillEnforceLaws, #TheLacroixOfAlcohol and #YouKnowItsRightWhenYouDrinkABuschLight.

The reminder comes after the Portland Police Department in Main and the Kenosha Police Department in Wisconsin issues similar warnings.