Metro Detroit Group Pairs Healthcare Workers with Restaurants for a Big Impact

April 8, 2020
Front Line Appreciation Group of Metro Detroit Delivers Meals to Healthcare Workers

Used with Permission from Front Line Appreciation Group of Metro Detroit


“It might seem like just food, but it also sends such an important message to them that we are thinking of them, we are so grateful, and that we are all in this together.” That’s the message of FLAG: Front Line Appreciation Group Metro Detroit. Their mission is to get food to the front lines and to support local businesses:  “to offer support and meals to the front-line medical staff, to help restaurants stay in business and to provide a way for people to help without leaving their homes.”

Thank you to @atomey53 and Jimmy John's for feeding St. Joe's today! -- You guys made the staff there VERY happy! ---- . . . #flag_metrodetroit #jimmyjohns #frontliners #helpers #donate #hope #healthcareheroes #healthcareworkers

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I stumbled upon them as a Facebook group and was immediately inspired by the healthcare workers and the individuals and restaurants who donated to them. They take small donations from the public and pool them together.  However, there's nothing small about what they've done. According to their founder, Dani Gillman, they just passed $100,000 and 10,000 meals served...and that's in just two weeks' time! Dani says "people just want to help."  And thanks to FLAG it's easy and impactful. You can donate through their website or Facebook group

THANK YOU to Sunrise Cafe in Farmington Hills for feeding the Providence Southfield ER this morning!! -------- . . #flag_metrodetroit #helpers #healthcareheroes #hope #detroitnurses #michigannurses #frontline #frontlineworkers #ascensionhealthcare

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We made 2 deliveries to Royal Oak Beaumont tonight. Claudia Zonca (Jimmy Johns) and her son Max delivered 125 meals to the staff in the ER and testing tents. And Dustin Ryan Walker and his team from Social Birmingham delivered 60 meals to the staff in the PICU, NICU, and MICU. Everyone at the hospital was so appreciative and kind. They send their gratitude to each and every one of YOU! And after launching this group only 6 days ago we have now raised over $35,000 from this amazing and generous community!! --Based on this we will be trying to schedule meal deliveries for the hospitals’ day shift and night shift. . . #flag_metrodetroit #healthcareheroes #detroitfreepress #beaumont @kristenanniebell

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