Five Ways to Save Money on Halloween Candy

October 9, 2019

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It depends on how many kids come though in your neighborhood, but buying candy can be a real budget-buster. In addition to trick-or-treaters, there’s that bag you need to donate to your kids’ school, one for that fundraiser…and oh yea, be honest, you’re going to be snacking on a few Reese’s Pumpkins before the big day even arrives.

The National Retail Federation predicts record Halloween spending this year, with a decent size chunk of  going to candy purchases. How can you stretch your candy budget? CNET has a few suggestions: 

1) Buy in bulk. Costco, Sam’s Club or even Amazon (bonus points for added convenience).

2)  Skip the chocolate. This may be a non-starter for you if you know you’re going to want your share of things like Reese’s and Kit Kat Halloween goodies. However, if you’re willing to go the non-chocolate route, you will save money.

3)  Buy it at the right time. Candy is generally priced lowest two weeks before Halloween.

4) Check the sales. Watch prices if you’re on store’s email lists, have an app or look at their circulars.

5) They do suggest a fifth option, which is to not give out candy but something like stickers instead.  For me, that’s a bridge too far.   

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