Imagine Yourself Creating the Ultimate Life Plan

Imagine Yourself Podcast

June 24, 2019

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What’s the first thing you should grab when you have to put together one of those complex build it yourself pieces of furniture? What’s the first thing you should grab when you see a strange light blinking on your car’s dashboard? What’s the one thing you wish you could grab when your baby is crying and you have absolutely no idea why? Maybe these days, you’d hit up Google, but back in the day you would probably open an instruction manual! 

After getting the opportunity to speak with Author, Speaker, Influencer Craig Sroda, it seems apparent that there’s one more question that should be added to that list: What’s the one thing you should grab when trying to develop your best self, discover your ultimate purpose and live with more intention? The answer is…an Ultimate Manual.

And, after this week’s enlightening episode, I ordered my own copy of The Ultimate Manual to Living a Meaningful Life, by Craig Sroda, and my overall assessment is that there’s an unexpected fun factor when going on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. It’s fun doing the quick activities, answering the customized questions, and reading the nuggets of advice. You’ll find out some things about yourself that will surprise you!