Imagine Yourself Making Your Dreams Happen! (With Author Bianca Sloane)

Imagine Yourself Podcast

July 1, 2019

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Your mind is running wild with ideas for your next big thing! You have a gift, a talent, a voice, a specialty—and you are finally ready to use it. You have dreams of creating something unique and special to share with the world. You have visions of finally turning that potential into a reality. BUT, unfortunately, none of it will come to fruition unless you take that first step, unless you make it happen! 

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Let’s get it started! Let’s learn from a lady who decided one day to dust off the old manuscripts that she’d written, enroll in a writing class, learn about the art of publishing, and simply believe in herself. Fast forward years later, and she now has a collection of six sizzling, successful, suspense novels and a new site that serves as a resource for aspiring writers! Every time I sit and read one of her thrillers, I am grateful that she made that first step to get started and fulfill her destiny as an accomplished writer. Every day offers another opportunity for you to do the same thing—in whatever area. It can be starting your own business, getting your music discovered, becoming a successful blogger, this is all about making your dream a reality!

Focus on that spark you have, and act on it. Learn all you can about your area of interest, and remember, you don’t have to quit your day job or be an overnight expert. We just want to encourage you to get some momentum and get moving towards your goal. Imagine yourself making someday today! 

Don’t wait until tomorrow to make your dreams come true, and don’t wait until tomorrow to listen in on this thrilling podcast episode—we have a guest who shares her story of how she got started and how you can make your dreams happen-- today! The road wasn't easy for thriller/suspense novelist, Bianca Sloane; but she made it happen and learned so much on her journey!  Now she wants to share it with you!