How The Demand for "More More More" May Be Hurting You

Imagine Yourself Podcast

June 17, 2019

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Does this sound like you or someone you know?

I need to do more. 

I need to be more.

I need to stand out more.

More attention. More success. More likes. More followers. More status. More, more, more!

Do these thoughts ever take hold of you?  We all can become super vulnerable to all the hype for MORE and get ourselves so worked up that we end up feeling LESS.

This world is made beautiful when people seek to better themselves and their situations. In fact, taking our lives, talents, and abilities to the next level is a good thing—in moderation. However, if left unchecked, we become puppets with a pattern of overzealous, obsessed focus on more just for the sake of more. Perfectly wonderful individuals can be swept into a frenzy of relentless, never ending selfies, self-promotion, and self-centeredness.

The consequences can be many and often encourage feelings of self-doubt. Questions like these can creep in:

Do they see me?

Did I prove myself?

Can somebody please tell me I’m enough?

 We’re here to tell you that you are enough. We’re here to free you from getting stuck in The More Zone. Enjoy this latest episode that confirms the fact that More is not always better and that you are already enough!