Keeping That Germy Phone Clean: Apple Updates Recommendations

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March 9, 2020
woman with mobile phone

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There's a very germy thing you carry around with you everywhere. That phone in your pocket or purse can be extrememly gross. In fact, studies have shown that phones can be ten times dirtier than a toilet seat! We are all trying to do our best to keep germs at bay and not to spread them, especially with coronavirus concerns. With this is mind, Apple has officially updated its policy on how to clean phones as well as keyboards, iPads and other products. They are now saying it's OK to use Clorox wipes or other anti-bacterial wipes. In the past, they had advised against the use. Now that preventing the spread of germs is paramount, they've given the OK via their website. It should be noted, however; that there is a certain way to do it safely. It includes turning off your phone and being careful not to get liquid into charging ports or other areas. Find the entire list  and  more information HERE

Your phone is dirtier than you think. --⁠ ⁠ Several studies show that phones are covered in lots of germs – so even if you wash your hands to protect yourself against the coronavirus, you could expose yourself to germs all over again just by touching your phone. ⁠ Don’t worry, though. There’s a pretty easy solution to disinfecting your device.⁠ ⁠ Find out how at the link in bio.⁠

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