Latest Viral Cat: Says "Well, Hi" in a Southern Accent

December 5, 2019
Cat Meowing

Cat Stock Photo_Getty Images


Forget cat memes! The latest viral cat sensation is Gambino. Check out the video and listen as he appears to say "well, hi!" in a thick southern accent. I must warn you that this could eat up a ton of your time as you may want to (need to!) watch it over and over. I've clocked in at about 50 views so far. Since Gambino's pet parent posted this on TikTok and Instagram, the internet has gone nuts for this new feline sensation!

It sounds like he is saying “Well Hi!!! “ in a thick southern accent!! ***Just to clarify, that is a @whistlelabs pet tracker on his collar. #catsofinstagram #cat #meowdy #gambino

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