Little Girls' Kind Gesture Leaves Tough Trucker Choked Up

Kindness During Coronavirus Crisis

March 26, 2020
Truck Driver

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Truck drivers have emerged as some of the biggest heroes during this coronavirus crisis. Trucker Mike Kreisel is one of them. Two little girls and their family wanted him to know just how much he was appreciated. Here’s what he wrote in a Facebook post that’s now gone viral:

Gonna take me longer to post this, cause I can’t voice text it, not with this lump in my throat...

Coming back from St. Louis this afternoon, pulled off in a rest area to take a break. I noticed a pick up pulled in and parked at the end of the lot. As I climbed back in my semi to leave, I noticed two girls, I’d say around the age of 7-8 years old, climb in the back of the pick-up and pull out two cardboard signs they made. I couldn’t read the writing but I could see all the glitter and the pictures and I can make out something about truckers. They were jumping around and waving them excitedly at every truck that passed by on the interstate. As I began to pull out and back onto the highway, “mom” came running towards me waving her hands for me to stop, in which I did. I put down my window, and with a sincere voice and a smile on her face, she handed me a bag and said, “ we wanted to thank you for what you’re and all the truckers working hard to keep our supply lines open. Here’s just a little goodie bag we put together to show our appreciation. Be safe and thank you again!”

I thanked them and waved to the girls, who were grinning ear to ear and so excited to be doing their part to spread kindness and happiness, despite the turmoil we’ve all had to endure these last few days. With a lump in my throat, I cranked the wheel heading back towards the interstate, and noticed dad, putting together more bags and wearing a US Army stocking cap....

See the yummy bag of snacks they left Mike HERE