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Snickers Will Give Away 1 Million Candy Bars If The Date Of Halloween Is Changed

August 2, 2019

(WDZH) -- This isn’t a trick — Snickers has pledged to give away 1 million candy bars if the official date of Halloween is changed to the last Saturday in October.

petition to change the date of Halloween has picked up over 100,000 signatures. This week, it also earned the support of some of the country's most popular candy brands, including Snickers, Skittles and Starbursts.

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The petition was started by the Halloween & Costume Association (HCA), citing safety concerns about nighttime trick-or-treating activities. The association hopes that the change of date will allow Halloween celebrations to last all day, and therefore reduce Halloween-related injuries.

Additionally, the HCA hopes to extend Halloween activities since “51% of millennials say Halloween is their favorite holiday.”

This year, October 31 falls on a Thursday.

“Snickers is all in on celebrating Halloween to the fullest,” said Josh Olken, Brand Director for Snickers, in a statement. “So if the Federal Government wants to make this thing official, we’re offering up to one million free Snickers to America. No tricks, only treats.”

Other candies (which, like Snickers, are also owned by Mars) started sharing Snickers' tweet, while also encouraging followers to sign the petition.

"Petition the rainbow, taste the rainbow," wrote Skittles, playing off the colorful candy's famous tagline.

The official M&M's account called an annual Saturday Halloween the way "it should be." 

The petition needed 100,000 signatures to be brought to the White House for review, and it currently has over 124,000 signatures. Whether the federal government will actually change the date of Halloween is debatable, but Snickers certainly seems willing to bet 1 million free candy bars on it.