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Flight Attendant Holds Restless Baby Who Blows Kisses To Passengers

April 11, 2019

(98.7 The Breeze) -- A Southwest flight attendant trekked through her pre-takeoff routine holding a restless baby girl -- an effort to help soothe the child that ended in many blown kisses and a plane full of smiles, adorable video shows. 

Savannah Blum had just boarded a connecting flight from Las Vegas to Reno after visiting family in Austin, Texas when her 19-month-old daughter, Brittain, decided it was the perfect time to have a meltdown, according to NBC New York

That’s when a flight attendant, known only as Jessica, approached the overwhelmed mom and said, “Come here, baby. I got her, Mama. You go sit down.”

Blum, who could still see her daughter from her seat, started recording. 

Video shows the flight attendant carrying Brittan as she walks down the aisle preparing the plane for takeoff, closing overhead bins and reminding people to set their phones to airplane mode. 

The baby starts blowing kisses as they make their way toward the front of the plane, showering travelers with virtual smooches as audible "Awws" are heard from people in their seats. 

The video has been watched more than 1,400 times since it was posted to Facebook Monday with the message: "Everyone loves this little girl- even Southwest passengers and flight attendants ☺️✈️�� #southwestairlines."