Imagine Yourself

Life is full of challenges. But, what happens when we indulge a little,
press the reset button, and shift our perspective? Don’t you deserve an
inspirational boost?

Lanee and Sandy started the Imagine Yourself podcast because they knew that
there’s more to life than being overwhelmed by what it throws at you.

Especially geared for women in all ages and stages of life, we don’t
promise to have all the answers. But, in each episode, we will Imagine
Ourselves rising above life’s bumps and bruises, taking on a specific
challenge and strategizing our way to peace and contentment.

Join us, and Imagine Yourself as your best self, in your best life!

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Imagine Yourself Embracing Change

Whether we like it or not, change is happening all around us and hopefully within us too. In this episode, we’ll share our own personal adventures navigating...