amazon prime day

Beware Of Amazon Prime Day Scams

The internet is going crazy over the 48-hour fire sale known as Amazon Prime Day, but be careful not to get scammed.
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Kroger’s Having a Wine Sale

Wine lovers rejoice! Kroger has a sale you're going to love. According to Delish , the grocer is planning a huge wine sale of Prime Day proportions on July 15th and 16th when they'll slash prices on some of your favorite wine brands. All you have to do is shop for your favorite wine on Kroger's...
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Amazon Prime Day Is Coming Next Month

Amazon Prime Day is going to be bigger than ever this year. In an effort to rival Black Friday as the biggest shopping holiday of them all, Amazon is kicking off this year's Prime Day in a big way. Despite the word "day" in its name, the celebration will actually span 48 hours, according to the...
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