Hallmark Christmas Movies

Hallmark Channel Is Doing A Christmas Movie Marathon

If you're looking for something to watch while you're self-distancing, Hallmark Channel thinks they have the solution for you--a Christmas movie marathon! Click to find out all about it.
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Frustrated, Stressed Woman Wrapping Christmas Presents

Holiday Wrapping Hack Blows Minds

A new holiday hack making the rounds could really help out for those who struggle when it comes to wrapping gifts. If you end up cutting what you think is too little paper, perhaps you just need to change the perspective. Posted to Twitter over the weekend, the video initially shared by @...
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Santa Google Tracker Is Officially LIVE!

We are on the countdown to the big day when Santa will make his trek around the world! The fun annual Santa Tracker is up and going on-line. In addition to being able to keep up with what Santa and his elves are up to now AND getting to watch his route on Christmas Eve, there are also some fun...
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Nightmare Before Christmas

Little Boy's Kind Gesture Saves Christmas For One Family

Our good news story of the morning will warm your heart--and have you grabbing for the tissues. Today, it's all about a little boy who reminded a family what the spirit of Christmas is all about after someone stole their Christmas decorations. So you know everyone likes to joke about that one...
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Here's How To Get In Touch With Santa & Get A Text From Him

This is about the time that kids start writing their letters to Santa, particularly those who need a little extra help during the holiday season--and now we know his official address to send the letters to, plus another cool way to get in touch with him. The U.S. Postal Service has revealed Santa's...
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Beyoncé Launches New Line of Holiday Merchandise

Beyoncé is ready to sleigh your holidays. The 38-year-old has released her latest line of cool and festive ‘90s-inspired clothing and accessories to make your Christmas absolutely flawless, reported the New York Post. The 2019 Beyoncé Holiday Collection is now available. ---- Shop:
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Golden Christmas Card

98.7 The Breeze Golden Christmas Card

Want to win $1,000, join the Breeze Club by December 18, and 98.7 The Breeze will email you a Christmas Card! One lucky member will receive the Golden Christmas Card worth $1,000! To join our Christmas card list click here!
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What Teens Say They Want for the Holidays

Teenagers. It’s not always easy to figure out what they want. When it comes to Christmas, even when they do tell us what they want, it may be way out of our price range. What’s interesting about a new survey on what teens want is that it doesn’t just give a glimpse into their favorite brands and...
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There Are Codes to Unlock Netflix Christmas Movies

Hello friends! If you're in the holiday spirit with all of the Christmas music we're playing--and you love watching Christmas movies like we do--your life is just about to get a lot better!! There are secret codes to help you get all the Christmas movies on Netflix. There's a code that will help...
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Dad Says His 10-Year-Old Must Be Out Of Her Mind After Seeing Her Gift List

A father posted his 10-year-old daughter’s Christmas list to social media and the Internet can’t get enough of it. The Twitter account, @A_Johnson412 tweeted, “My 10-year-old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list.” The laundry list of items everything from actual laundry...
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