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Couple holding hands

Uncovering What Makes a Relationship Last

A strong, loving relationship is a gift, and whether you’re in one or searching for one, there are some key ingredients that you don’t want to overlook if you’re trying to take romance to the next level.
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Bathroom Scale

Imagine Yourself Winning the Weight War

What happens when we arm ourselves with all the right weapons to wage a healthy weight war? We win! Join us and our “Warrior” Guest, Patrick Tullio, as he shares phenomenal fitness tips, nutritional knowledge, and life-changing lessons he learned on his personal journey of losing over 120 pounds!
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Family shopping for healthy food

Imagine Yourself One Change Away From a Healthier Life w/Whole Living Consultant Diane Randall

What if one tiny change in your diet could make one huge difference in your life? Listen to an episode that will help you pinpoint exactly what change you need to make. Author, consultant, and college instructor, Diane Randall is an expert on nutrition and wellness, and she gives us some...
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New Years Resolutions

Imagine Yourself Nailing Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year. New Decade. New You . It’s that time of year again, and we’re searching for the keys to making 2020 the year where our New Year’s Resolutions finally come true. Join us as we get real about our own successes and failures with past resolutions and strategize for the new year to come. It...
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woman choosing direction

Imagine Yourself Choosing Your Best Life w/ Life Skills Strategist Sheila Sutherland

The power to choose is a magnificent gift. Let’s use it to choose our best life! We decided to enlist the help of Life Skills Strategist Sheila Sutherland as we examine the ways that simple, daily choices can overwhelmingly affect the direction of our lives. Are you choosing things that will lift...
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Woman relaxing with cup

Imagine Yourself Giving Burnout the Boot!

The holiday season brings joy, but also adds that extra level of expectation with a dash of chaos. This episode is a game changer! It can help us start replacing the feelings of being overwhelmed and chaotic with feelings of balance and achievement.
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Imagine Yourself Organized: Decluttering Your Home, Decluttering Your Life!

What would it feel like to have everything in order? You might have to ditch the old and invite the new. Imagine getting rid of negative thoughts from your head, unhealthy habits from your life, and useless stuff from your home. That could pave the way to having your stuff in order, your home in...
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Imagine Yourself Harnessing the Power of Your Thoughts

What if someone told you that you could have the power of mind control? In a way, you already do! You may hold the key to corral and control the direction of your thoughts! Imagine Yourself is committed to imagining better thoughts, and we have invited former mental health counselor and author, Dr...
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Imagine Yourself Financially Fit w/ Author & Personal Finance Expert, Kembala Evans

Let’s get fiscally fit! We’re flexing our financial muscles and securing a bright future for ourselves. We start by following the money and taking a good look at our personal finances with President and Founder of KP Evans Financial, Kembala Evans, as she helps us gain insight on how to get, keep,...
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Imagine Yourself Taking Command of Your Career w/CEO of Push Career Management, Brenda Cunningham

Get ready to make that shift from neutral to high gear as we get expert career advice from Brenda Cunningham, Certified Job Strategist and CEO of Push Career Management. These quality tips are crucial if you are actively searching for the career of your dreams, if you are ready to leave a job that...
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