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Christmas packages

Amazon Delivery Driver Reacts To Snacks Left Outside A Home

This holiday season, let us be thankful for the unsung heroes: your local delivery drivers. One lady in Delaware decided that being thoughtful was in order for all of the people zipping around town to make sure people got their holiday packages on time. Kathy Ouma left a pile of snacks and drinks...
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Singer Sia Goes Undercover to Buy Gifts for Strangers

Singer Sia just did the most amazing thing! She showed lucky shoppers at Walmart and TJ Maxx how much she was in the holiday spirit by footing the bill for their purchases. Disguised as "CiCi who'd just won the lottery," Sia spread joy to shoppers in Palm Springs, California, who didn't know who...
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Local Volunteers & Students Set Record For A Great Cause

For the second week in a row...we have broken a Guinness World Record here in Metro Detroit--and for a good cause! A local group has set a new record for the most fleece blankets made in 8 hours! And it's all thanks to a group of volunteers and students from Stoney Creek High School in Rochester...
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10,000 Volunteers Join Life Remodeled To Make A Difference This Week In Detroit

You know, Chadd & I love it when we hear stories about neighbors helping neighbors, maybe mowing the lawn when they need it, starting up a go fund me for somebody, etc. But, this week in Detroit, there are a bunch of neighbors rolling up their sleeves and helping neighbors. How many volunteers...
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Darius Rucker Has Raised Over $2 Million For St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

If you’re a fan of Hootie & The Blowfish’s Darius Rucker, what he did for kids over the weekend is going to make you love him even more. He is doing his part to help out kids who are battling life-threatening illnesses like cancer and their families. He held his annual event to benefit St. Jude...
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Boy Bakes And Sells Enough Cupcakes To Take His Family To Disney World

So if you have kids, how many times have you heard them say "Can I get this?" or "C'mon...I NEED it!" If so, what's your response? Well, a 12-year old boy in Minnesota didn't take "no" for an answer when he asked his parents if they could go to Disney World. Of course, a trip like that is expensive...
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Amazon Founder's Ex-Wife Pledges Half of Fortune to Charity

If you came into a bunch of money, say you won the lottery, would you make a donation to charity? If so, how much? Well, you know how the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos and his wife recently got a divorce. If you hadn’t heard, MacKenzie Bezos is getting more than $36 billion dollars in the divorce...
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Good News: Woman Who Walked 6 Miles To Work Gifted A Car

Do you follow your local police department on social media? Some people do, so they can stay up with what's going on in their neighborhood and community. Well, for one lady, the fact that a Chevrolet dealership was following their local police department, changed her life. Here's the story: Anita...
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Some Metro Detroit Kids Got A Big Surprise From The Red Wings & Chevrolet

We love it when our sports teams and local businesses do good deeds in our community! Recently, the Red Wings and Chevrolet teamed up to do something nice for some local kids. Here's what happened: a bunch of second graders here in Metro Detroit decided to take a safety course. Never could they...
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Good News: How An 8th Grader Is Making A Difference For His Classmates

For most kids here in Metro Detroit...only a few weeks of school left! And this is such a great story. One Texas 8th grader wanted to make a big impact to wrap up the school year. So what did he do? After hearing that some of his classmates had been victims of "lunch shaming" for not being able to...
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