random act of kindness

Christmas packages

Amazon Delivery Driver Reacts To Snacks Left Outside A Home

This holiday season, let us be thankful for the unsung heroes: your local delivery drivers. One lady in Delaware decided that being thoughtful was in order for all of the people zipping around town to make sure people got their holiday packages on time. Kathy Ouma left a pile of snacks and drinks...
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Singer Sia Goes Undercover to Buy Gifts for Strangers

Singer Sia just did the most amazing thing! She showed lucky shoppers at Walmart and TJ Maxx how much she was in the holiday spirit by footing the bill for their purchases. Disguised as "CiCi who'd just won the lottery," Sia spread joy to shoppers in Palm Springs, California, who didn't know who...
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Michigan Church's Kind Act Changes Thousands Of Lives

Today's Kristi's Tell Me Something Good is all about how a random act of kindness by one Michigan church has changed thousands of lives. I love hearing the stories of businesses or individuals who step up to help pay off school lunch debt--or around Christmas time, paying off lay-a-ways. But, I had...
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Random Act Of Kindess: A Stranger Does Something Really Nice For A Group Of Prom Goers, But There's A Catch

If someone offered to pay for your meal...but said "there's on catch". Would you say "no thanks" or would you want to know what the catch was? ​ Well, this past weekend in California an older gentleman saw a group of 11 high schoolers all dressed up...celebrating their prom...having a nice dinner...
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How One Police Officer's Random Act Of Kindness REALLY Made An Impact On One Man's Life

So, have you ever done a random act of kindness for someone? Like helped a neighbor, paid for someone's coffee in the drive-thru or even just held the door for someone and wondered if that one thing changed someone's whole day? Well, it's truly amazing how sometimes one simple act can set off a...
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