TSA Says Traveler Forgot Snake At Security Checkpoint

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A young girl discovered something slithery at a New Jersey airport security checkpoint: a 15-inch-long snake. Transportation Security Administration officials at Newark Liberty International Airport said in a release that it appears the thin, black snake with a yellow ring...
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Woman Finds Snake On Her Arm While Sleeping In Hotel

A woman spending the night at a Memphis hotel woke up with a garden snake nestled in her arms on Friday morning. Calling it a "scary, scary situation," and admitting to CNN she's "not a snake person," Melinda Major jumped up and flung the reptile across the room. When it landed back on the bed, she...
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Snake Turns Up In Washing Machine Smelling ‘Like Downy’

An escaped pet snake that apparently slithered into a suburban Chicago family’s washing machine ended up smelling like fabric softener after going through the wash.
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