10,000 Volunteers Join Life Remodeled To Make A Difference This Week In Detroit

You know, Chadd & I love it when we hear stories about neighbors helping neighbors, maybe mowing the lawn when they need it, starting up a go fund me for somebody, etc. But, this week in Detroit, there are a bunch of neighbors rolling up their sleeves and helping neighbors. How many volunteers...
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Metro Detroit Charity Motown Soup Hits Major Million Dollar Milestone

There is nothing better on a cloudy, chilly day than a nice hot bowl of soup. What if you could have a bowl of soup that, at the same time, would help end homelessness and hunger here in Michigan?! Well, that's exactly what the charity group, Motown Soup does. And this week, they revealed they've...
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Kristi's Tell Me Something Good: Macomb Teen Recognized As Operation Homefront's Army Military Child Of The Year

Today’s Kristi's Tell Me Something Good story is all about an amazing local Macomb teenager with an incredible attitude who is being recognized for all the right reasons. 16-year old Elisabeth Polleys, whose mom is a Major in the Army, will receive the Operation Homefront's Army Military Child of...
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